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OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE - How the Cover-Up Culture of the Dutch Government and Media Prevents a Proper Course of Justice in the Murder Case of Theo Van Gogh

Note: This text is an updated translation of a speech given by publisher Robert J. Kelder on November 2, 2015 at the yearly occurring public commemoration of the murder of Theo van Gogh in front of the monument “The Scream” in Amsterdam's Oosterpark dedicated to him as a martyr for the principle of free speech. The event was jointly organized by (a.o.) the Pim Fortuyn Foundation in Rotterdam and the Willehalm Order of Knights of the Word (i.s.n.). This is where on November 2, 2016 this book is scheduled to be presented by the publisher (Update: this was done.) The author is physically unable to attend.

I. First Speech "In Memoriam” Theo van Gogh" on November 2, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of Theo van Gogh

Here I stand for the fourth consecutive time and this time I will, in the spirit of knights of the free word as was Theo van Gogh, not mince my words. And free according to Luther, "I cannot do otherwise, so help me God."

The first time I spoke here was on November 2, 2012 under the title "In Memoriam Theo van Gogh", when I recited three shocking chapters from the literary crime report Dead End Street - Why the Dutch Secret Service Murdered Its Top Secret Agent Theo van Gogh by the former top counter-intelligence officer with an honorary doctor of Law Slobodan Radojev Mitric, better known as Karate Bob. This true crime, dedicated to his friend Theo Van Gogh, is a continuation of his equally shocking book The Golden Tip - The Entanglement of the Upper and Underworld  and the Murder of Gerrit Jan Heijn that appeared in 2008.  This true crime about the real background to the kidnapping and murder of a wealthy Dutch captain of industry in 1987 was also largely hushed up by the overworld, i.e. the government, main stream media and the press (with one exception in the newspaper Haarlem Dagblad) whereby a proper course of justice was prevented in the sense that the henchmen of the only one mistakenly held to be solely responsible in this case, the engineer Ferdi Elsas, who died in a traffic accident in 2009, were not brought to justice. [See “Karate Bob as Whistle Blower”, Willehalm Institute Press Release dated August 7, 2009]
This first chapter entitled "Cunt Bacon Jew" is a representation of a secretly bugged conversation at the residence of the then mayor of Amsterdam between the host [Mr. Job Cohen], the then Minister of Immigration and Naturalization [Mrs. Rita Verdonk], the then Commissioner of Police and the then chief public prosecutor.

From this notable conversation it appears point blank that the then mayor i.e. the government faced the Machiavellian choice between, on the one hand, appeasing the Islamists, who were furious about the insult made on public television by Theo van Gogh directed to their God Allah and who threatened to mount a revolt in the Dutch capital city and throughout the country and even beyond that, if Van Gogh would not get the punishment that he deserved in their eyes, namely death. On the other hand, the government considered using the murder plans of the radical Islamic community for its own purposes and to facilitate them in order to remove the sting from the anger of the Muslims and so to finally get rid this dangerous “village idiot”. Chosen was for the latter course of action in this sordid example of crisis management  with the reassurance given by the mayor that care would be taken to ensure that this ghastly state of affairs would never become public. And thus a double game was played according to this scenario to cover up what really happened.

And so, on the very night of the murder on November 2, 2004 during the "Noise cabal” on Dam Square in front of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam the two politicians mentioned in the conversation at the residence of the Mayor let their crocodile tears flow lavishly. The mayor hypocritically called the murder a cowardly and gruesome act with which Van Gogh was gagged, "We confront each other with words, with the pen and in extreme cases we go to court, but we do not take the law into our own hands." He was followed by the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization, who on behalf of the government expressed her deepest condolences to family and friends of Van Gogh, especially his son Lieuwe.

The mayor was later also present at the unveiling of this monument to free speech in honor of Theo van Gogh on July 23, 2007, the date that the latter’s 50th birthday would be celebrated, and spoke beautiful words on the importance of the principle of free speech. This was also underlined during the commemoration there two years later on November 2, 2009, by his female colleague Verdonk, who was now here in her capacity as the founder of the now defunct political party “Proud of the Netherlands” (Trots op Nederland) with an ambitious program to restore moral values…

The second chapter read here on November 2, 2012 entitled "Public Tribute to the Prince of Death" is based on observations of the author and as such amounts not to a conspiracy theory, but to conspiracy practice. A few days before the murder of Van Gogh, he in fact witnessed a remarkable scene on nearby Java Street that was strewn with roses. It consisted of a public ceremony honoring the culprit-to-be, dressed as a prince of death in a long white Arab robe, surrounded by hefty bodyguards and an Iman, in the presence of hundreds of sympathizers and retailers who pressed many bank notes in the hand of "The Chosen One”. Even police as well as politicians from an Islamic background made an appearance and therefore knew full well what was going on...

The third and last chapter read here on November 2nd, 2012 entitled "Assassination" describes in detail what transpired before the shooting and arrest of the murderer in Oosterpark on that fateful morning of November 2, 2004. The police were tailing the Islamic murder squad, but much to their surprise, if not dismay were at the last moment forced to let the religious liquidation of the blasphemer as it were, happen under their very eyes: Orders from above!

The response to these startling revelations about the various persons and politicians involved in the background to the murder of Theo van Gogh, which although not mentioned in the book by name but by their function and who can therefore be easily identified, was virtually nil, a deafening silence. No charges of defamation levelled at the writer or the speaker or something of that nature. Even after the Amsterdam television station AT5 had promised to transmit a large portion of the speech in Oosterpark live, but then declined and after previous interviews on radio station Amsterdam FM, also made available on YouTube and a two-hour interview on Radio Dieperick (since removed) it remained dead silent. Was the truth too much to bear?

II. Second Speech "Orders From Higher Up" on November 2, 2013

At the next commemoration on November 2, 2013, a summary of Dead End Street  was read, first in Dutch and then also in English, to a small group gathered here around the monument “The Scream”. This summary entitled “Orders from Higher Up”, which had already been on internet for more than a year, read as follows:

1. A few days before Mohammed Bouyeri, the "Chosen One" on the morning of November 2, 2004 shot down Theo van Gogh at the Linneausstraat opposite the district office of Amsterdam East and then cut his throat and pinned a letter on his chest with a knife, he was as the Prince of Death, donned in a long white Arab garb, honored in public on Java Street in Amsterdam East covered with flowers in the presence of his Imam, body guards and hundreds of spectators, including even officials of the police and the Secret Service. The writer actually witnessed this public ritual himself perchance and has described in the chapter "Public Tribute to the Prince of Death".

2. As the final chapter reveals, this liquidation of Theo van Gogh was not, as is generally maintained and believed,  the sole action of Islamic fundamentalist, but a covert operation prepared, carried out with military precision  and subsequently perfectly covered up (at least until now) by the Dutch Secret Service and their agents employed in the national press and media.

3. This operation had probably not been necessary, if Theo had only listened and complied with two urgent requests and warnings from the Director of the AIVD (Dutch Secret Service) to remove the article "
Shadow Commando of the Prince" from his website "The Healthy Smoker". This article by Jan Portein as well as a supplement to it under the title "Lubbers and Muslim Bomb" (in Appendix 1), in which the writer Karate Bob in his at that time secret function as director of World Atomic Counter-Espionage (WACE) plays the central role in a secret multi-million plutonium transaction, were according to the Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) a threat to national security and the Queen [called Bea in the book]. The literary representation of the two conversations between Theo van Gogh as a member of the secret service and the head of the AIVD in Cafe Cinetone on the Duivendrechtsekade and Cafe Danzig in the center of Amsterdam can be read in the chapters "Shadow Commando of the Prince" and "DNA". The two relevant articles that Theo refused to remove from his website are found in the appendices, which include legal documents related to the threatening, illegal and inhumane eviction of the ailing writer by the Dutch state to the former Yugoslavia, a letter from the then Premier Lubbers to Slobodan Mitric, testimony by Prof. Rüter, a former president of Amnesty International, about the credibility of Slobodan Mitric, plus a comprehensive CV and an overview of his work as a writer, artist and filmmaker with his wife Iris de Vries, who died under suspicious circumstances in an Amsterdam hospital in 2006.

4. The mayor of Amsterdam (Job Cohen), the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization (Rita Verdonk), the chief of the Amsterdam Police and the Chief Public Prosecutor were not only aware of this state liquidation, but allowed the police, who followed the preparations closely, to let the murderer and his team go about their business undisturbed: "Orders from Above!" The Amsterdam village idiot, who had publicly called his pig Allah on television and who had made the film "Submission" with Ayaan Hirsi Ali [called Aisha in the book] had to be sacrificed to abate the fury of the Islamic community at home and abroad in order to prevent worse. This is related in the chapter “Jewish
 Bacon Cunt" based on a conversation secretly recorded at the mayor’s residence in Amsterdam by the Dutch secret service. The chapter "Submission," with which this book after the Prologue " Something is Happening On Java Street" starts, and the chapter "Fox" also present a somewhat different perspective on how this film actually came about, while from the chapter "DNA" and the conversation at Cafe Danzig between Theo and the Secret Service it may be gathered that the former had doubts about the true identity of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and ordered an investigation to determine whether the preparations for the murder were an insider’s case of "estherism" (a term from the vocabulary of counter-intelligence work, in which a mole prepares a criminal act which he then discloses to the authorities in order to gain a foothold and high position ).

5. Part of the preparations for the murder of Theo van Gogh was that the "Chosen One" was taught the art of throat-cutting by an Imam and a colleague under the watchful eye of two big bodyguards. First, through the use of a goat as described in the chapter entitled "Islamic Butchery" and then even on a Ukrainian man, as described in the chapter "Body Wrapped  in a Carpet", illustrated with a color picture of the crime scene in Amsterdam East. That as well was closely followed by the police, who could have prevented it, but who were told not to intervene: "Orders from Higher Up...!"

III. Third Speech "Why Theo van Gogh Was Really Sacrificed!" on November 2, 2014

In the run-up to the third and so far last discourse "Why Theo van Gogh Was Really Sacrificed" during the commemoration on November 2, 2014 there finally seemed be a change in that deafening silence about the real circumstances concerning the murder of Theo van Gogh through a number of notable developments that in the end turned out be nothing but missed opportunities.

Firstly there were the revelations by Frits van Staelen, the chief public prosecutor during the trial of the murderer of Van Gogh, made in a radio program Dossier One Today (Een Vandaag) on September 22, 2014.

I quote from the announcement of the website Radio One Today "I [Staelen] am convinced that Mohammed Bouyeri did not act alone." The criminal investigation into the murder of Theo van Gogh has yielded, according to this public prosecutor "frustratingly little". "For example, there are clues," he said, "that there are people who explored the route of Theo van Gogh and who provided the firearm."

The relevant dossier Radio One Today also quotes Lütken Bé, former police commissioner of Rotterdam and former researcher of the CTIVD, Commission for the Supervision of the Intelligence and Security Services. This former police chief says that the Dutch Secret Service, the AIVD has failed to share information with the regional police forces and intelligence services that the so-called Hofstad Group, [Hofstad refers to The Hague] of which Mohammed Bouyeri was an active member, was up to something to, and speaks of a missed opportunity.

About the fact that already on November 10, eight days after the murder, Minister Piet Hein Donner (Justice Department) and Remkes (Minister of the Interior) wrote in a letter to parliament that the AIVD did a good job, Lütken says, "I really thought what a lot of nerve. So soon after something like that. To write concretely: no mistakes. Nothing to blame. That you cannot actually do. The investigation was too short and you only relied on information from the Secret Service itself. I thought that was not so fortunate. Clumsy and risky!"

The announcement on Radio One Today ended as follows, "The Socialist Party (SP) advocates reopening the investigation, in view of the fact that the prosecution is convinced that Mohammed Bouyeri was not acting alone. Ronald van Raak (SP) wants to see that any eventual accomplices still be brought to justice."

These and other startling pronouncements about deleted images, miscommunication and corruption within the apparently competing services within the government are consistent with the descriptions given in Dead End Street. And because Minister Plaskerk, responsible for the AIVD, following the revelations of Radio One Today on October 9, 2014 has ordered the CTIVD to conduct a re-investigation into the murder of Theo van Gogh and the actions of the Dutch Secret Service, I wrote on October 31, 2014 the following letter (here translated into English):

Letter to the "Supervisory Committee on the Intelligence and Security Services":

"On October 23 this year, I mailed to you an announcement of my speech on the coming 2 November during the commemoration of the murder of Theo van Gogh "Why Theo Van Gogh Was Really Murdered!" based on the above literary crime report of Dr. Slobodan Radojev Mitric, 10th Dan karate master and possessor of an honorary doctorate in law. It contained the following sentence: ‘Given the accumulation of strong suspicions or evidence that much more was going on than hitherto the government has scantily admitted, the Supervisory Committee on the Intelligence and Security Service can no longer fail to include the findings of the reality novel Dead End Street in its reinvestigation of this murder, recently announced by Minister Plaskerk, and as such invite the ailing former top counter-intelligence agent Karate Bob, while he is still alive, to testify on which striking observations and secretly recorded and filmed events he has based his startling revelations.’

I hereby urge you in the re-investigation to the true background of the murder of Theo van Gogh to have the findings of this book examined. Because I understand that the author is prepared to testify in this case, I request you to do so. If this happens, then the most obvious thing is to question him about his observations on which Chapter 13 "Public Tribute to the Prince of Death" is based. In this chapter is namely described how the "Chosen one", a young Moroccan dressed in regal Arab robe, surrounded by hefty bodyguards, was honored on the flower-strewn left sidewalk of the Java Street from Java Square to the tunnel by deeply bowing retailers kneeling before him and pressing rolls of European banknotes in his hand, a scene in which the police and even well-known politicians were present and which was apparently filmed. Ascertaining that this public homage to the Prince of Death took place, whose name in the book is not mentioned, but who is none other than Mohammed Bouyeri, is enough to confirm the truth of the statement of the public prosecutor Frits van Staelen, "I'm convinced that Mohammed Bouyeri did not act alone."
        But also the other chapters from Dead End Street that are based on secretly filmed or recorded incidents show that there was much more going on than has been made known by the government. Because these chapters show that Theo van Gogh was offered in the national interest on the one hand to nip an impending rebellion by radical elements within the Islamic community in the bud and on the other hand, because he had categorically refused to give in to the repeated, urgent demands of the Secret Service to remove from his website "De gezonde roker” (The Healthy Smoker)  a lengthy  article, "Shadow Commando of the Prince" in which next to Dutch Prince Bernhard, the writer as Karate Bob plays a central role, and concerning which the then prime minister Balkenende and the then Queen Beatrix harbored serious reservations.
With regard to the reliability, often wrongly drawn in doubt, of Dr. Mitric, I refer to article in the appendices of "Dead End Street" under the title "Testimony of Professor C. F. Rüter”. On February 15, 1988 during the trial of Slobodan Mitric in the Amsterdam District Court this well-known lawyer and former president of Amnesty International said the following, " ... I had gained the experience over the years that the stories of Mitric contained a kernel of the truth; he had often shown to possess golden information; Moreover, he had announced the abduction [of Gerrit Jan Heijn] already in this case in July 1987."
Hoping to be of service to the process of truth finding in this murder case, I am,

Yours sincerely,

Signed: (Robert Jan Kelder)

Dir. Willehalm Institute Press Foundation

P.S. Today I sent the book Dead End Street with a copy of this letter and the text of the announcement of my speech  on November 2 to your address in The Hague."

At the end of this letter was the following note: "Until now, no acknowledgement has been received. Soon a similar letter with a copy of the book will be sent to public prosecutor Van Straelen, who now works in the region of Eastern Netherlands, with a request to reopen the investigation into the murder of Theo van Gogh on the basis of the findings of Dead End Street."

This letter was indeed sent to the public prosecutor Van Staelen, but neither he nor the members CTIVT apparently found it necessary to give an answer or even acknowledge its receipt, and so far the author of Dead End Street has not invited been invited to testify in the still ongoing re-investigation: missed opportunity no. 2.

Missed Opportunity No. 3: "02/11 – The Game of the Wolf"

The next opportunity missed in this regard, or rather cover-up, is the feature film/ docudrama "02/11 - The Game of the Wolf" with on the poster a slogan claiming: "Theo van Gogh Is Dead; And Now the Truth.“ Written and produced by the friends of Theo van Gogh Theodor Holman and Gus van de Westelaken, it was broadcast nationally by television station VPRO on November 2, 2014 and can be seen on internet.  The film makes the point that Theo van Gogh as "collateral damage" had to be sacrificed for the national interest or for the CIA, which as a general conclusion comes uncomfortably close to the scenario of Dead End Street, but in fact it is a big blunder and instead of bringing the truth it only conceals it.

This is how the author of Dead End Street sees it. In his reaction under the title: "A Complete Miss!" he wrote:

Beautiful film that shows how the Dutch Secret and Security Service AIVD works - but as a film shot to reveal the truth about the murder of Theo van Gogh, it completely misses the mark.
Interesting is a fragment where it is alleged that Mohammed Bouyeri was treasurer of the Hofstad Group [a group of radical Muslims based in The Hague].
This comment was meant to hide the fact that Muslims gave a massive amount of money to Mohammed. Because the British MI6 gave Mohammed Bouyeri money for the liquidation of Theo van Gogh and the bearded owner of the laundry mat on the Java Street [described in Ch. 13 of my book Dead End Street] was head of the special department of MI6 in Amsterdam.
The MOSSAD supplied the murder weapon. Ron [an informant for the AIVD appearing in the film] is a member of MOSSAD and for everything he does, he must have prior approval from the MOSSAD.
It is important that an independent prosecutor is put on this case so that he can prove that many Muslims in Amsterdam had given money to Mohammed Bouyeri to look after his remaining family members, because Mohammed Bouyeri had vowed that after the murder of Theo he would fire on the police so that they would kill him.
The director of the AIVD [Sysbrand van Hulst] I know personally.
A relative of Van Hulst is a tipster about 60 kg of stolen plutonium and a few tons of radioactive material about which [the then Dutch] Prime Minister Lubbers did business with me. (See Appendix I, Karate Bob, Lubbers and the Muslim Bomb)
 Former Dutch Secretary of the Department of Justice and Security] Joris Demmink has long been blackmailed by Muslims - they have awkward videos of him and his children lovers.
Many former ministers as well as Prime Minister Balkenende knew that Theo would be killed.
The Syrian Imam, who is described in the film as the one who ordered the liquidation is not the Imam who really given that order. I met him once. He was with the two bodyguards of Mohamed Bouyeri on the Java Street during Muhammad’s ceremony [as described in Ch. 13, “Public Tribute to the Prince of Death" of my true crime Dead end Street - Why the Dutch Secret Service Murdered Its Top Secret Agent Theo van Gogh.”

The Murder of Theo van Gogh Was an Action of the Islamic Community

Here it should also be mentioned that the writer Theodor Holman of "The Game of the Wolf," must certainly have been aware of the book Dead End Street or at least possesses a copy of it, since about half a year after its publication on February 2012, the father of Theo van Gogh, Johan van Gogh, a retired employee of the BVD (forerunner of the Dutch Secret Service AIVD), had ordered two copies from me, which, according to him, were destined for Holman, a friend of the family. This columnist for the Dutch Daily “Het Parool” and radio presenter of the program OBA Live at the Public Library in Amsterdam, however, did not waste a single word on it. Does he have something to hide as well? Yes, that is if you have may believe words the author of Dead End Street wrote to me in an email and which at the commemoration on November 2, 2014 I read as a whole under the title "The Murder of Theo van Gogh Was an Action of the Islamic Community - Mohammed Bouyeri Was Only the Executioner" and afterwards I also posted as document 2 on the Dutch blog "Doodlopende weg”. This is what he wrote

"Here are the facts: Two days before the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam [on November 2, 2004] money was collected for the murderer Mohammed Bouyeri. There is evidence of a living Dutch witness, who could confirm that dozens of retailers in the Javastraat in Amsterdam East gave money to Mohammed Bouyeri. Among them was the boss of a laundry mat, a Pakistani man with a very distinctive long beard, who has the British nationality and who in front of his shop in the Javastraat kissed Mohammed Bouyeri on the hand and gave him a big pile of money bills. Also an Iraqi, a few shops away from the laundrymat towards the railway tunnel on Java Street, handed Mohammed Bouyeri a pile of money bills.
Mohammed Bouyeri was dressed in a white robe adorned with all kinds of Arabic symbols. (An Arabist Prof. Dr. R.B. has stated that this clothing is worn by chosen Muslims about to commit a murder). Mohammed Bouyeri was during his visit to the Javastraat accompanied by two burly bodyguards of Arab origin. (several days after the liquidation of Theo van Gogh, both men had a meeting with an imam in Macdonalds on Van Zwindenstraat - Dapper Market in Amsterdam-East.)
Here a liquidation took place, which was financed by hundreds of Muslims in Amsterdam with donations to the chosen murderer Mohammed Bouyeri. Cornelis Theodorus Holman was one of the first people in The Netherlands, who knew all these things. Theo's partner Gus van de Westerlaken, whom I know personally, also knew of it. Both of them were given a number of times pamphlets, which stated that the liquidation of Theo van Gogh was financed by the Islamic community in Amsterdam.
About a week after the murder of Theo van Gogh, a woman, who is married to one of the most important BVD (AIVD) officials, stated that Cornelis Theodorus Holman is also a member of the BVD. This information is 100% reliable.
It is therefore understandable that Cornelis Theodorus Holman hushes things up and comes up with things in public to avoid the truth. But only the most important facts should be proven here that Theo van Gogh was liquidated on order of the most powerful Muslims in Amsterdam, where in advance much money was collected for the selected killer. And who is who here does not matter. The fact is that money to murder Theo van Gogh was paid in advance by many Muslims.
Public prosecutor Frits van Staelen [who handled this murder case and recently declared that he was convinced that Mohammed Bouyeri did not act alone, but declined to give any proof] should carry out a thorough investigation into what happened exactly at the Java Street two days before the murder of Theo van Gogh.
There are hundreds of people, who have seen this ceremony, and there is a Dutchman, who could also confirm this, provided that the Dutch state guarantees his safety.
As for me, I have no interest to make things appear otherwise than what really happened. I am willing to unconditionally declare these things under oath before a court. ”

Fourth Missed Opportunity: The Novel The Second of November by Tomas Ross

Concerning the last in this boulevard of missed opportunities, it may be stated that the Dutch author Thomas Ross of the [Dutch] novel The Second of November - Who Was Behind the Murder of Theo van Gogh? published in 2013, was also aware of Dead End Street, because I personally delivered a copy for him at the office of his publisher Cargo in Amsterdam at their request. However, he completely ignored it. For his work of "faction" (mixture of fact and fiction) ends with the open question of the subtitle: "Who Was behind the Murder of Theo van Gogh?” instead of answering it on the basis of the information he received. It must therefore also be considered another distraction from the real course of events.

No Word Either From Geert Wilders

On February 16, 2012 copies of Dead End Street with the Introduction and justification of the publisher under the title "Can the Current Rise of Islamization Still be Halted?" were delivered at the desk of the Amsterdam National (Christian orientated) daily newspaper Trouw for its police and justice editor Adri Vermaat and at the office of Slobodan Mitric's lawyer Mr. Henri Sarolea. The next day copies were presented to former Queen Beatrix (personally delivered to her Noordeinde Palace in The Hague) and Geert Wilders (via the mail room at the Parliament buildings). Wilders has so far not deemed it necessary to raise questions about this book in the House of Commons, which would be expected considering his crusade against Islamization in the Netherlands and abroad. Later that day, I personally handed over by three copies to the parents of Theo van Gogh in Wassenaar, a prosperous village near The Hague, who took accepted them with interest and later, as already mentioned, ordered two more copies. For them, Slobodan Mitric wrote the following dedication in his book: "I cannot bring your son back alive, but the truth about how and why he was killed, you can read in this book. I hope that, after having read the book, you will not let de cover-up persist."

To the Readers of This Book

This is also the message he directed to the readers on the back cover of his book: "For every murder, regardless of who is involved, it is necessary to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and to write the truth about it, whether one likes it or not. It is up to you, dear reader, whether or not to support this novel. But if we keep silent, the killing machine of the dark forces will continue to kill without hindrance: Yesterday Theo, tomorrow one of us. Nobody has the right - regardless of whether someone under the law of a state or religious community really deserves to die - to kill. Especially in the so-called free democratic world, which claims to follow the paths of freedom and justice. Let us help to bring all those responsible for the murder of Theo van Gogh to justice."

Summary and Conclusion

It is abundantly clear that from the above accumulation of facts and the serious indications that can be found in Dead End Street, as well as from the detailed additions to it  by the author and from the various attempts made here to expose them at the monument The Scream dedicated to the freedom of speech, the Dutch government in its cover-up culture, in collusion with the mainstream press and media, is not in the least interested in discovering the true background to the murder of Theo van Gogh. They are therefore directly or indirectly guilty of obstruction of justice. This is further confirmed by ignoring the offer by the writer and criminologist Slobodan Mitric to appear as a witness with his relevant knowledge and expertise before the supervisory commission the CTIVT into the murder of Theo van Gogh and furthermore by the actions of the Dutch Secret Service, the AIVD, the mainstream media and the political and cultural establishment.

May the English version of this true crime do what the original Dutch version failed to do:  to help get to the bottom of this case, so that at least the course of justice will not turn into a dead end street.

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