Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 1 - Submission

"STOP! No! No! And no!" cries Тhео.
The cameraman stops filming.
"What now?!" grumbles the actress.
The director gets up from his chair. He walks with arms outstretched to the beauty, until he stands in front of her face. "You female, that is anything but convincing."
"No ah! Cоncentrate and try again. Come on, now full of enthusiasm ... Look into the camera and think about your first lover, understood?"
She begins to blush, but the director can see nothing of it. The niqab covers her whole face except her eyes. "Okay! Oay ... "
Тhео goes back to the chair marked 'director' and sits down. He gazes around and once satisfied that everyone is ready, he sticks two thumbs up. "Let's go!"
The cameramen set their cameras. A girl with a black-faced clapperboard comes forward on which is written in white chalk: SUBMISSION 1/3 (Scene 1. Take 3 ...). She lifts the top of the wooden clapper up and lets it come down to the bottom.
BANG! It sounds dull.
The actress, dressed in a transparent black silk and niqab in her arms a rolled up small rug takes two steps forward on the big luxurious carpet. Her body sways back and forth, as if she just stepped into a lake. Her full breasts and swollen like ripe melons after a spring shower rock gently back and forth. The actress leans forward and gently spreads the cloth out. She stands upright again. With her bare feet she steps on the rug. With a penetrating glance she first looks into the camera, then spreads her arms and brings her hands to her face and as if doing gymnastics, spreads her arms again after lowering them.
The camera men zoom in.
SUBMISSION 1/4  The same girl reappears with the black clapperboard in front of the camera. BANG!
"Allah is great. In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful!" Again she brings her hands to her face, immediately lowers them and continues. "Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment! You alone we worship and Thee alone we ask for help. Leads us to the straight path. The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor. Not the one of those upon whom wrath is brought down, nor of the heretics. Amen."
The actress lies with her face down on the carpet; she turns her body and raises her hands. "Оh Allah, while I lie wounded here, my spirit broken, I hear in my head the voice of the Judge who finds me guilty, my sentence you have pronounced: ’Scourge every adulteress and adulterer with one hundred lashes and let not pity distract you, as Allah prescribed this, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, let a party of believers witness their punishment.'"
The director makes a cutting motion with his hand in the air. The cameramen stop filming. Theo gets up and walks to the actress, while he extends his hand to her. She stands up and he says, "Much better, much better! But now like you're in the mosque. Again."
The director goes back to his seat and sits down. "Yes! Once more, but I want you now to give all of yourself ... "
The actress nods."Okay!"
Satisfied, Тhео smiles. "Let's go!"
The cameramen zoom in again.
SUBMISSION 1/4 Again the same girl with the clapperboard comes in front of the camera. BANG!

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