Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter of Appraisal by Dusan Tesic LUŽANSKI

Dear Slobodan,

The book has arrived. I've received a few days ago. I read it the same day.
But I needed some time to process all the impressions after reading it. I've never read a book that evoked so much excitement with me as reading your book did.
The style is beautiful and the description of the characters and events is unmatched.
To evoke in people such a significant and exciting experience in only 88 pages, you have to have a special gift. But also experience.
I needed, as I said, a few days to process all the impressions, concerning the most dramatic period in European history, which you, only you it seems, recognizes.
The event itself is not important, it is what lies behind this event that is so important and that only you seem to understand.
Islam has invaded the political life of a European country. One of the richest and most democratic countries.
I have already written in my books that the third millennium is characterized by the unstoppable advance of the Islamization of Europe.
Is that correct? You live there and are more aware of the dramatic times that Europe is now experiencing.
This is the third Islamization of Europe within the last fifteen hundred years, only this time it is unstoppable and permanent.
Do the Dutch people realize what is happening to them? And what is the official response to your book?
My sincere congratulations on your knowledge of the circumstances and events. And my sincere hope that you can repeat this performance again.

Your Dušan.

Dušan Tesic Lužanski is a journalist by profession. His working life, he spent with the [Yugoslav] Politika newspaper as a commentator on foreign political events. His work dealt with two main energy sources - oil and nuclear technologies: energy sources which during the second half of the twentieth century determined the political, economic, military, technological and other relations between the superpowers and other countries and nations of this planet.
His CV mentions that during his journalism career he attended more than three thousand conferences and that as a journalist he wrote more than twenty thousand pages text for the newspaper where he worked.

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