Monday, October 29, 2012

Table of Contents

Please note: This Tabel of Contents has been replaced by 
the one in the book that is appearing on November 2, 2016, 
which has a new preface by the publisher and fewer appendices, some of which are new.

Foreword and Justification by the Publisher
Can the Current Rise of Islamization still Still be Halted?

Instead of an introduction
A press release from the Republic of Serbia and two press releases Willehalm Institute

Foreword by Rade Božović
Does a Dead End Street Have an Exit After All?

Dušan Tesic Lužanski on Dead Street

Prologue: On the Javastraat Something Is Going On
Chapter 1: Submission
Chapter 2: Open Discussions of Moroccan Youth with the Amsterdam Police
Chapter 3: Fox
Chapter 4: Islam
Chapter 5: Shadow Commando of the Prince
Chapter 6: Threat
Chapter 7: Unmasked Ones
Chapter 8: I Call My pig Allah
Chapter 9: Islamic Butcher
Chapter 10: DNA
Chapter 11: A Body Wrapped in a Carpet
Chapter 12: "Jewish Bacon Cunt"
Chapter 13: Tribute to the Prince of Death
Chapter 14: Arms Dealer
Chapter 15: Assassination


I. The Shadow Commando of the Prince
II. Lubbers and the Muslim bomb
III. Letter S. Mitric dated August 29, 2004 to Dr. R. Lubbers 
on his Contract with Him to Mediate in the Transaction of 60 kg. Plutonium 
IV. Fax R. J. Cellar Dated. 6 Sept. 2004 Dr. R. Lubbers about the above contract
V. Letter by Premier Lubbers dated November 2 1984 to S. Mitric on the Exchange of Spies
VI. Four Statements Written in November 2008 by Slobodan Mitric 
on his Appeal to the Rejected Request for Waiver of his Alien Status
VII. View S. Mitric Dated January 16 2012 concerning the 
Intention of the Immigration and Naturalization Service to Deport Him
VIII. Testimony of Prof. C. F. Rüter on 15 February 1988 in the Case Mitric
IX. Mutilated Letter Dated January 20 2012 Jan Bloem to Dutch TROUW
X. Belgrade's Crisis Disrupts Public Prosecutor
XI. Another Package Arrived for Vukcevic
XII. CV of Slobodan Mitric and Overview of his and his Wife Iris' Work
XIII. Title Page and Back Flap Netherlands's Mafia
XIV. Title Page and Text Operation Twins (Part 1)
XV. Title Page and Text Operation Twins (Excerpt Part 2)
XVI. Title Page and Text The Golden Tip
XVII. Title Page and Text Help! They Kidnapped Me! Lady Di
XVIII. Press Release: 9/11 EXPOSED!
IXX. Title Page and Text of  the Book William of Orange, Parzival and the Grail 

XX. Willehalm Institute: Origins and Objectives

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