Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 14 - Arms Dealer

A fat man firmly holding a bag rings the bell three times. The front door opens. With difficulty the fatty climbs the stairs leading to the attic. There the imam awaits him smiling. ”Shalom, Ron.”
"Shalom! Shalom my dear imam," the guest greet backs.
The imam lets him in. "Welcome! My staircase takes away your breath, I see. Come, sit down."
Panting like a dog, the fat man sits down. "Give me a glass of water, please."
The imam takes a bottle of mineral water from the fridge, opens the bottle, brings glasses and puts them on a small table in front of his guest. "Help yourself, dear Ron."
The guest quickly pours himself a glass of sparkling water and drinks it all at once. "Thank you!"
"Have you got it?"
The fatty pours himself another glass and drinks it in one gulp. He sets the glass on the table, wipes his mouth with one hand. Looking at his host, he opens the bag. "Of course."
“I’m curious.”
The guest pulls a gun out of the bag and gives it to the imam, then grabs a box with 50 bullets and two empty ammunition magazines. "Good quality."
The imam inspects the gun carefully and places it on the table. Then he takes the ammunition magazine and opens the box of bullets. "Awesome!"
The dealer stands up. "Charge it when I'm gone. Show the money!"
The Imam lays the ammunition magazine back on the table and walks over to a closet. He opens a drawer, takes out a thick envelope and walks back to his guest. “Five thousand. As agreed."
The guest opens the envelope. "Five thousand thus."
"Count it when you leave," quips the imam.
The arms dealer puts the envelope back in his bag and smiles. “Ha ha, you pay me back in the same coin."
The imam walks smiling to the door and hold it open. "Exactly."
The dealer leaves the attic.

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