Monday, October 29, 2012

Chapter 12 - "Jewish Bacon Cunt"

Two men and a woman step inside the residence of the mayor of Amsterdam. The mayor welcomes them, "Welcome, gentlemen."
The newcomers shake hands with their host. "Thank you. Thank you."
The mayor assigns them seats and the guests sit down. The woman is the first to speak. "The matter is complicated. But don’t worry; we’ll turn a blind eye."
The Mayor smiles benevolently. "That of course is in your interest, Madam Minister."
"In the interest of the whole country," says the chief commissioner of the Amsterdam police.
"Of course," nods the chief public prosecutor.
"To be honest, I feel sorry for him," says the mayor.
"If you ask me, he's crazy," says the chief.
"Gentlemen, if we do not silence him in time, I'm afraid that we cannot prevent a bloodbath. The Muslims in Amsterdam are bitter," says the mayor.
"Not only in Amsterdam but in the Netherlands they are furious," explains the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization.
"That is good for your party. Then you have a reason to dislodge all Muslims from our beloved homeland.”
"That's not true. This harms all parties. Don’t you think so?" she says to defend herself.
“Right, we have no alternative," the mayor adds.
"Okay, gentlemen, but what if it the word gets out that we all knew about this in advance?"
"This is not going to leak. The Muslims will dismiss this as an act of a fanatic," the mayor replies confidently.
"Are you sure?"
"Don’t worry."


In the residence of the governor of Amsterdam, the whole conversation taking place in the mansion of the mayor is followed by the Governor and the Director of the General Intelligence Service; this service placed during a renovation of the building secret microphones in every room.
"Jewish  bacon cunt," says the Director of the General Intelligence Service angrily.
The governor looks at him.  "What the hell is that?" he asks.
"That’s how we call Jews, the Jews that eat bacon."
"But does the mayor eat bacon?"
"No offense, but he eats shit. I didn't literally mean bacon."
The governor coughs in his fist. "Hm. Hmmm. I see. You mean it figuratively."
"Yes! What a hypocrite!"
“Politics is, as you know, a very dirty business.”

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